Nobody likes to contemplate his or her own death, but consider how hard you’ve worked during your lifetime to build up your assets. More importantly, consider the people you’ll be leaving behind. Proper estate planning will ensure that your loved ones are provided for financially after your death. It will also help protect your assets, to ensure that as much of your estate as possible passes on to those you care about instead of to the taxman.

Garfinkle Bideman can help you put the right contingency plans in place including:
  • Minimizing probate fees and tax liability
  • Estate planning through the use of trusts
  • Ensuring that beneficiaries are looked after

From the simplest to the most complex of tax and estate plans, Garfinkle Biderman will preserve the value of your assets and make sure they’re left in the right hands.

Tax, Wills & Estates Team

Louis M. Cytrynbaum

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