Garfinkle Biderman helps all manner of parties involved in the construction process. Whether commercial or residential, we assist property owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and trades with any problems that arise at any point from the design and planning stage through to post-completion.

Our approach is also mindful of creative alternatives to the standard litigation steps in order to achieve efficient and timely outcomes in construction disputes.

Some examples of the type of construction matters we act on include:
  • Prosecuting or defending construction lien disputes (both as Plaintiff and Defendants)
  • Actions for Specific Performance of a contract, including registration of Certificates of Pending Litigation
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Breach of trust cases
  • Pursuing deficiencies
  • Tarion Warranty claims
  • Negotiating agreements between neighbors
  • Committee of Adjustments and TLab applications
  • Reviewing and advising on construction contracts

Construction Sector Team

Wendy Greenspoon-Soer

Jeffrey A.L. Kriwetz

Alexander Hora

Monica Peters

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