Our Cryptocurrency & Blockchain lawyers bring in-depth knowledge and experience in multiple practice areas, including mergers & acquisitions, securities and capital markets, financial services and other areas, to help our innovative clients navigate the rapidly evolving legal and business landscape in the blockchain industry. We help our clients to materialize their unique ideas to transform the world of financial services.

As Garfinkle Biderman’s practice has developed its Cryptocurrency & Blockchain practice areas, our team has worked with private and public companies in different areas, from initial financing to strategic partnerships, acquisitions and listing on a recognizable stock exchange. As this is a rapidly emerging area, our lawyers ensure to stay up to date on all the applicable legislations and regulations and major developments in the industry, enabling us to provide our clients with effective and efficient legal assistance.

We help our clients grow and expand in the blockchain industry by:
  • Structuring financing arrangements through private equity, public markets and venture capital
  • Advising on strategic mergers, acquisitions, cross-border transactions and divestitures
  • Listing on a recognized stock exchange either by initial public offering or reverse takeover

Monitoring and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including continuous disclosure requirements for public companies.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Team

Shimmy Posen

Grant Duthie

Rohit Jha

Adam Fishman

Joseph Tung

Wendy Greenspoon-Soer

Alexander Hora

Monica Peters

Jessica T. Whitton

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