The Real Estate, Leasing and Development Practice Group at Garfinkle Biderman LLP offers a comprehensive set of services aimed at working with a wide-ranging group of stakeholders, whether you are a lender, property owner or developer. Our clients have chosen us for over 70 years because of our regarded ability to synthesize complex matters and deliver unparalleled client service within a cost efficient and transparent framework.

Some of our cornerstone areas of expertise include:

We are preferred counsel for some of the largest banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and real estate investors in Ontario. Our clients appreciate our ability to execute complex financing transactions within tight timelines. We are specialized to assist our lending clients with all types of financings, including but not limited to: acquisition financing, construction financing, conventional mortgage financing and project financing. In today’s real estate financing world, time is money. Our guiding philosophy of “getting the deal done” results in our firm being routinely recommended by borrowers and their solicitors as lender counsel.

We work closely with our clients on the acquisition, financing, and disposition of vacant land, commercial, retail, and industrial premises. From offer to due diligence to closing, our knowledge and understanding of the various stages of a commercial real estate transaction allow our firm to confidently advise our clients at every step. Our keen insight and experience in acting on countless lending transactions also positions our firm to deliver value-added counsel in strategically assisting property owners with their financing matters.

Our real estate lawyers have acquired a broad range of experience in commercial leasing on behalf of landlords and tenants in retail, industrial, office, and commercial premises. Our firm employs a tailored approach to the preparation and review of leasing documentation and takes the time and effort to understand our clients’ objectives. We help our leasing clients avoid common pitfalls, and always strive to ensure the finalized lease puts all parties in the best position for a long standing and smooth relationship – an optimal outcome for both landlords and tenants.

Our development team provides step by step guidance to our clients, whether they are seasoned or first time developers.  On the sales end, we assist our clients with drafting and assembling a marketing package, ensuring the vendor / builder is licenced with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority and set up administratively with Tarion Warranty Corporation, condominium deposit administration and surety financing, completing interim and final closings and assisting with the turnover process for condominiums.  We also work with our clients and their condominium property managers on the preparation and registration of appropriate condominium bylaws and consulting on the condominium first year budget and condominium rules. On the development site, we work with our developer clients and their consultants, be it surveyors, planners, engineers and architects to negotiate development agreements such as site plan or subdivision agreements, condominium agreements , to attend to the registration of project easements and to condominium registration.

Real Estate, Leasing and Development Team

Avrom W. Brown

L. Mitchell Kazdan

Wendy Greenspoon-Soer

Jeffrey A.L. Kriwetz

Michelle Frost

Jordan Druxerman

Blair Mestel

Mark Lauriola

Joseph D. Simile

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